In September 2017, the Bureau of Land Management’s Division of Rangeland Resources announced an initiative known as Outcome-Based Grazing Authorizations (OBGAs).  It is designed to offer a more collaborative approach between the BLM and its partners within the livestock grazing community when issuing grazing authorizations. 

The purpose of this project is to improve BLM’s management of grazing on public lands by offering livestock operators greater flexibility to more readily respond to changing on-the-ground conditions, such as drought or wildfire. This will better ensure their ability to manage ranching operations that are economically sustainable while also providing for healthy rangelands and high-quality wildlife habitat. Decreasing the response time to changing field conditions is one of the primary goals of the demonstration project. The program highlights BLM’s commitment to partnerships, which are vital to managing sustainable, working public lands.

Through this joint effort with authorization holders, the BLM hopes to more efficiently achieve identified resource, habitat and operational objectives. These authorizations will prescribe a joint management approach, whereby both public and private lands are managed together with joint responsibility. The BLM and its partners will not only share the responsibility for reaching their mutual objectives of this project, but also for monitoring its success.

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