SageWest Charter Released

SageWest is a network focused on advancing communications around the sagebrush ecosystem. By amplifying existing work across currently siloed audiences and strengthening relationships amongst stakeholders, SageWest aims to heighten enthusiasm and renewed commitment by the American public to conserve the sagebrush ecosystem, not only for its ecological value (diverse plants and wildlife, clean air and water, recreation, energy resources, etc.) but also for the cultural and economic connection to western communities.

To guide the efforts of this sagebrush communications network, SageWest developed a Charter that describes the foundation, purpose and structure of the network, how it operates and envisions possibilities for its evolving future. This document will not change significantly year to year. This resource was developed to help inform people about SageWest - so please feel free to share.

This Network continues to gain recognition and credibility. At the recent Sagebrush Executive Oversight Committee meeting, which brings together major stakeholders, the committee agreed to support the Charter and signed a cover letter for it on March 26, 2018 at their meeting at the North American Conference in Norfolk, VA. 

Please find this Charter here.

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Hannah Nikonow