People of the Sage, a Social Campaign

A social media campaign united by the hashtag #sagebrushcountry launched last week and celebrates the diversity of people who live in, depend on, and love sagebrush. Known as People of the Sage, this communications effort is encouraging curiosity and human connection to the sagebrush ecosystem. This is one of the first public campaigns by SageWest, a communications network of people working in sagebrush habitat conservation.

This is a coordinated national outreach campaign whose success is heavily dependent on successful cross-promotion and social sharing. Please participate by sharing any of the posts that resonate with you in your social channels. If you are interested in contributing to this campaign, please contact Hannah Ryan with the Intermountain West Joint Venture. This campaign will run throughout September 2017.

Here are a few of the first posts to share:

  1. Heather Johnson, a recreator’s story about IDENTITY
  2. The Garveys, a family’s story about HOME
  3. Greg Peterson, a rancher’s story about HABITAT
  4. Alan Smith, a hunter’s story about FOOD
  5. Desatoya, a Nevadan's story about BALANCE 

This broad awareness campaign is meant to highlight the human side of the sagebrush landscape, an immense but often overlooked portion of the continent. This aims to appeal to the people who value public sagebrush rangelands for its multiple uses. Thanks for following along. We appreciate your likes and shares!

Hannah Nikonow