Partnering to Conserve Sagebrush Rangelands

The purpose of our Partnering to Conserve Sagebrush Rangelands effort is to catalyze proactive, voluntary, and community-led sagebrush rangeland conservation – expanding success across private and public lands. We accomplish this by promoting healthy working lands in the American West for people and wildlife. By bringing a diversity of perspectives, values, and resources together for a common purpose, partners achieve durable conservation.

This collaboration is between the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and the Intermountain West Joint Venture (IWJV). In June 2016, these entities signed a five-year intra-agency agreement to help implement a sagebrush memorandum of understanding and scale up successful conservation practices on public lands.

To keep these lands productive for all users, we focus our work on three key conservation practices to address major threats to sagebrush habitat: Remove Expanding Conifers

• Conifer Removal

• Wet Meadow Restoration

• Fire and Invasives

This effort offers tremendous opportunity for new and existing partners to engage and support sagebrush country. Join us!