People of the Sage: Fire & Invasives – It’s a Wrap!

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Throughout August, partners working across the American West shared stories of a few incredible people working to combat the twin threats of wildfire and invasive species in sagebrush country. Called "People of the Sage: Fire & Invasives", this social media-based campaign was driven by compelling feature stories, first-person essays, videos, and portraits.

Members of SageWest, a diverse sagebrush communications network, produced 15 stories about scientists, ranchers, biologists, young professionals, conservation teams, firefighters, range specialists, birders, and teachers. These folks represent just a handful of the many people and organizations working on the incredible challenge of the wildfire and invasive annual grasses cycle. There are many stories we did not get to cover in this 2018 series and hope to do so in a future campaign. We would love to hear about those and collaborate with you on how we can elevate them. Please contact us with your story ideas!

There’s still time to share the stories in this series and incredible experiences and lessons learned by the feature individuals!

See a list of all the stories below or click here to find the social media content and direct links to share these widely. We used #SagebrushCountry and #FireANDInvasives to connect our individual stories on social media.

Ugly for a Reason

By Don Smurthwaite, Bureau of Land Management

Mori Provides Area Ranchers an Anchor to Help Weather the Wildfire Storms

By Heather Emmons, Natural Resources Conservation Service

5 Fire Tips for Birding in Sage Country

By Audubon Washington

We Have Cancer and It's Called Cheatgrass

By Ken Mayver, WAFWA Fire and Invasive Working Group

Teamwork & Partnerships Enhance Sage-grouse Habitat in Eastern Wyoming

By Trihydro

What Causes Wildfires In The West?

By Brianna Randall, Sage Grouse Initiative

After the Smoke Clears: Collaborative Sagebrush Rehabilitation After the Soda Fire

By Evan Barrientos, Audubon Rockies

Post-fire Restoration in the Great Basin Webinar

By the Society for Ecological Restoration

Combatting Cheatgrass On Private Ranch Lands In Wyoming Benefits Sage Grouse

By Brianna Randall, Sage Grouse Initiative

Fire in the Sea

By Jen Strickland, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Sage-Grouse SWAT Teams Looks Out for the Bird — and the Herds

By Judi Kohler, National Wildlife Federation

Smoke Season: Teaching About the Sage-steppe in School and Beyond

By Micah Lauer, Middle School Teacher

Words from a Botany Intern in Sagebrush Country

From Brittany Zell, Chicago Botanic Garden’s Conservation and Land Management Program

Restoring Sagebrush on a Conservation Ranch

By Evan Barrientos, Audubon Rockies

Building a Framework for the Sage

By Jeanne Chambers, U.S. Forest Service