Sammy’s Quest to Save the West

Jennifer Kline, Fire Mitigation and Education Specialist for the Idaho Bureau of Land Management, contributed the following story.

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My role the Bureau of Land Management is telling people about wildland fire. This takes many forms to fit all sorts of audiences with unique messages that hopefully resonate with them and result in action to conserving the amazing public lands that cover the West. One project I’d like to tell you about today is particularly close to my heart and it’s called Sammy’s Quest to Save the West.

Now you have probably heard a lot about sage grouse in the past few years but you probably haven’t seen this bird depicted quite like this youth education guide. This publication is part of the Junior Ranger series, which includes site-specific projects as well as online activity books that can motivate young generations and their families and friends to embark on public land adventures.

This quest with Sammy the Sage Grouse shows Junior Rangers around sagebrush country and introduces them to all the interesting places that are often right outside people’s back door. This guide outlines fun activities about how sage grouse meet various challenges in their life cycles and how kids can protect the sagebrush lands so many of us depend on for our food, water, clean air, recreation, energy, and other resources. The content is geared towards those ages 9 to 15 years old, but anyone can likely learn something new from these pages.


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Not to mention how the original art included in this guide is even a delight to adult audiences.

These lands, primarily in the western states, belong to you and all Americans. Please consider sharing this tool with anyone who enjoys nature, public lands and wildlife. There is also a great resource for a full curriculum that provides students with interactive, hands-on activities to study wildland fire. Perhaps a teacher, parent or colleague you know might have a great use for this?

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The following individuals played a large part in the development of the curriculum: Jesse Bender, Carrie Bilbao, Kelsey Brizendine, and Rick Reynolds as well as many others that provided feedback and edits. All illustrations within the activity book are originals and created by Antonia Hedrick from the Idaho BLM State Office. And once you have complete the Sammy the Sage Grouse Jr. Ranger Activity Book you can contact your local Idaho BLM office and they will mail you a patch!

Thanks for letting me share this unique project with you!