2018 Annual Report

Learn what we have achieved together in the Partnering to Conserve Sagebrush Rangelands 2018 Annual Report.

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  • 102 projects completed

  • 66,154 acres impacted with a diversity of conservation treatments

  • $3.226 million of projects funded

  • 387 partners engaged

  • 116 landowner visits

  • 72 forums created to support public and private partners


  • 387+ (and growing) key partners representing federal agencies, state fish and wildlife agencies, local government and non-governmental organizations, tribes and universities

  • 14+ state fish and wildlife and agriculture agencies engaged through direct funding, guidance/oversight or collaboration on projects

  • 400+ BLM contacts in the IWJV partnership database

  • 2 statewide collaboratives in the Great Basin (Idaho and Nevada) that are networking >53 partners

  • A legacy approach to cross-state collaboration in the Bi-State with 302+ partners

  • The IWJV and Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies are lock-step in a long-run effort to conserve the sagebrush ecosystem and proactively support wildlife populations and communities for future generations.

  • In the upcoming year, this partnership will also seek to engage the Western Governor’s Association via actions associated with the sagebrush-relevant Secretarial Orders.

Included here are two versions, a report summary and a longer version with details on specific projects.

Hannah Nikonow