About the #350species Campaign

#Hashtag What?

Using the hashtag "#350species", the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has taken point on a social media campaign that connects multiple social media platforms.  This campaign brings to light the diverse biome (animals, plants - even insects & arachnids) found in the sagebrush ecosystem.  This includes the human stories that give these regions a sense of place, enriches the public's view of this expansive and complex landscape.

When partners of the BLM use the #350species hashtag on Instagram and Twitter, it makes it easier for a broad audience to discover and participate in the ongoing conversation about the sagebrush rangelands.  The posts that use #350species regularly focus on habitat conservation within sagebrush rangelands.  This boots-on-the-ground work helps a plethora of other species that depend on the diverse ecosystem for survival. 

The goal of the #350species communications campaign is for the sharing of stories and broadcasting the narrative of this delicate ecosystem, and to tell the stories of the people and organizations who work to conserve it.  For people with different backgrounds, and places they call home, deepening this understanding in a digital format will help raise awareness of the amazing conservation work being done in these vast lands.

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Hannah Nikonow